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Mosaic Financing and Freedom Forever installer
ANCHORED SOLAR is a Christian business that goes out of our way to make sure the customer is happy. We can beat any price on the market, and our equipment is the best!

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Residential Solar

Residential solar system means saving on power bills and contributing to a cleaner environment. It comprises of several components, however it is the quality of the solar products that determines the efficiency of a solar power system. We  believe every component used in a solar system is important as that helps your solar system perform at optimum capacity while saving you on your energy bills.

Anchored Residential Solar Systems


NABCEP Certified

A Certified PV Installation Professional by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

With the renewable energy sector rapidly evolving, we at Anchored Solar ⚓ solution have one primary goal: to revolutionize the Solar Market. Coupled with a background in Marketing, Renewable Engineering and an ever-growing online presence, we offer our clients the opportunity to greatly contribute towards a sustainable future, all the while ensuring that they save on their electricity bills. We are a team of enthusiastic professionals committed to offering our clients flexible, quality, and affordable solutions. With experience in both the Residential and Commercial Sectors, we look forward to the journey we embark with each and every one of our clients. We truly believe in building long-lasting relationships and pride ourselves on providing genuine advice and Smart Solar Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


By going solar, a homeowner is choosing to redirect an already existing payment from the utility (a liability with inflation) into an asset that results in fixed payments, compound savings, clean energy technology and home equity.

The catch is that not all homes and not all people can qualify. In fact, less than 20% of homeowners can qualify for the $0 money down options.

Not all homes can maximize each of the 4 key solar factors : Direction, Pitch, Shading, and Weather Patterns (TSRF)

Why did you pick your utility? Because you didn't have a choice. Solar Gives you a choice.

The federal government realizes the grid is a deteriorating and failing infrastructure with worsening liability that keeps producing dirty energy. They want to incentivize homeowners to produce clean energy. 

Installing solar PV system on your roof saves you money on your electricity bill and safeguards you from rising electricity costs. Investment and savings analysis for your property is just a call away. Get the complete solar guide from Solar Miner. And yes! It comes with no obligations.

An experienced installer can install panels on any kind of roof without much hassle. It is usually recommended to install panels at the North of the roof, however, north-west and north-east are equally efficient for solar installation.

It is very much possible to add extra panels to the existing system in place. However, that depends on the size of your inverter and roof space available to install panels.

You can monitor your system’s performance from anywhere in the world. Smart inverters are real, with the help of an app you can check all the data related to your solar system’s performance remotely, without physically being present near the inverter.

The installation of the system totally depends on the size of the system. Depending on the approval from energy retailer, a typical 6.6kW system can be installed within 3-4 week of time. The products come with various services and warranties, depending on the size and type of panels and inverters preferred.