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Anchored Solar was founded on the simple principle that people should have more affordable and cleaner options to meet their energy needs. Since we began operations, we’ve been laser-focused on residential solar installation with an unmatched 5-star level of customer service. Our company mission is to brighten the world with solar energy today, tomorrow and forever.

Every solar energy system is customized based on many different factors, including your electricity needs, home structure, utility company rules, state and federal incentive programs, geography and topography. System production may be decreased by several factors that would affect the production guarantee. Refer to your specific installation agreement for exclusions and/or other factors

The statements made by Anchored Solar are based on the data available as of the last update to this website. There is no express or implied dollar savings guarantee. Statements regarding tax rebates and/or incentives are not guarantees you should seek advice from a tax professional regarding any rebate terms and/or qualifications. Warranty and repair of the system are subject strictly to the specific terms and conditions stated in your installation agreement.

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